1943 Babe Ruth Signed Letter PSA/DNA 10

RuthLettersig1000WM-579The perfect storm of superior condition and rarity makes this two-page typed letter a true collecting treasure for the advanced Ruth hobbyist. On Ruth's personal letterhead, dated December 11th 1943, the letter is directed to an official with the "7th Michigan Sportmen's (sic) Boat Show." Ruth writes, in part: After reading over your proposal I gleaned from it that I would be called upon to bat out a half dozen fungoes (soft balls) into the crowd, at thirteen performances. The second page closes with one of the finest Ruth autographs in the hobby, in the rare "Geo H Babe Ruth" format. The autograph rates a perfect Gem Mint "10" from the graders at PSA/DNA, and the pages themselves exhibit light original mailing folds but no other issues of note. This item comes with a Letter of Grading & Authenticity from PSA/DNA

1942 Babe Ruth Signed Letter JSA

RuthLetterF1000WM-586Offered here is an exceptional Babe Ruth signed letter with mention of "Pride of the Yankees." This full page (8 ½" x 11") type written letter on "Samuel Goldwyn" stationary dated June 1, 1942 reads in part, "Many thanks for your nice telegram which I received in Hollywood when I was ill....I am especially happy that you have recovered from your illness and that baseball helped you. I enjoyed working in "The Pride of the Yankees" and hope you will enjoy seeing the picture." The letter, signed at the close "Babe Ruth" in period black fountain pen, exhibits light consistent age toning with typical mailing folds. Included with the letter is the original mailing envelope addressed to Clifford Bennett of Newark, NJ. This item comes with a Letter of Authenticity from JSA (James Spence Authentication).

Babe Ruth Signed 1943 NBC Radio Contract PSA/DNA 10

sig1000WM-589Babe Ruth's unprecedented popularity will forever be the cornerstone of our National Pastime's glorious history, with the "Bambino's" unparalleled standing first and foremost among the countless number of diamond heroes. The author of 714 lifetime homeruns, Ruth's majestic long balls have etched an everlasting mark on the game, and his on the field accomplishments will "echo for eternity". Yet, for all of his remarkable baseball related feats, his iconic stature extends far beyond the baseball field. Synonymous with the monumental promotional capacity experienced by the stars of today, Babe Ruth was, arguably, the pinnacle pioneer player associated with "off the field" endorsements. Commencing with his classic lead role in the early 1920'silent movie titled "Headin Home", Ruth began a significant wave of non-baseball contracted commitments including both movies and radio broadcasting. Ruth began a series of radio broadcasting jobs including his Blue Network "Adventures of Babe Ruth", Lux Radio Theater's "Alibi Ike" and a series of NBC (National Broadcasting Company, Inc.) appearances. One such NBC agreement was a June 5, 1943 to July 10th 1943 stint titled "Baseball Quiz" whereby Ruth would answer baseball related questions by children in the studio audience. Presented here is the actual National Broadcasting Company Inc. contract relating that show signed by none other than the immortal George H. Ruth. More impressive, however, is the fact that PSA/DNA has graded the "George H. Ruth" signature a perfect GEM MINT "10". The condition of the 8-1/2" x 11" two page typed contract is conservatively excellent, with the first page indicating some non-obtrusive paper clip related rust near the upper left border as well as moderate paper loss measuring approximately ¼" x 1" at the center upper edge. Two standard vertical folds, barely visible to the naked eye, run across both pages with the critical page 2 folds not even close to impeding the Ruth signature. The "George H. Ruth" black fountain pen signature is breathtaking to say the least, measuring 3" in length. This item comes with a Letter of Grading & Authenticity from PSA/DNA.

Babe Ruth Signed Cut PSA/DNA 9

BRcutPSA91kFWM-603Circa 1940 Babe Ruth signed cut signature. This closely cropped "Sincerely Babe Ruth" autograph is applied in pencil, measures 1 ½" x 2 ½" and was graded a MINT "9". This item comes encased in a PSA/DNA holder for protection and unquestioned authenticity.

Babe Ruth Signed Spalding Baseball Club Membership Certificate

bi-14151136624475a1bcc503bThose who attended the "Babe Ruth in Person" radio show could receive a Membership Certificate. This example was obtained by a youngster who attended twice in 1945-46, and personally asked the "Babe" for an autograph. The certificate, measuring 8 1/2" x 6", is slightly toned and has three vertical folds. Ruth's bold signature is in black fountain pen, rating a 9/10. This item comes with a Letter of Authenticity from PSA/DNA, Steve Grad and Zach Rullo, and a Letter of Authenticity from JSA, James Spence Authentication.

Babe Ruth Signed Spalding Sports Show Magazine

bi-1686683459446cc4eea15461944 Spalding Sports Show children's sporting magazine featuring Babe Ruth on the cover, signed on the lower right in blue fountain pen by the great one himself. Produced as a promotional item for the Spalding Sports Radio program and measuring 7" x 10-1/2", the 16 page booklet leads off with an introduction by the Babe and is illustrated with informative sports cartoons. All complete and tight with light wear, in overall EXMT condition. Beautiful, clear signature grades a strong 9. This item comes with a Letter of Authenticity from PSA/DNA (Steve Grad and Zach Rullo), and a Letter of Authenticity from JSA (James Spence Authentication).

Early Babe Ruth Signed Cut PSA/DNA

RuthcutblueFWhen an "ordinary" Ruth signature isn't good enough, the advanced collector seeks out early career examples like this one. Note the differences in the lettering formation as well as the overall smaller style signature. That's pure early Ruth, dating from his first seasons in pinstripes (and possibly even before). The blue fountain pen ink is bold and clear and is on a nice size (3" x 4 1/2") cut. This item come encased in a PSA/DNA holder for protection and unquestioned authenticity.